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Hello, Thank you for taking time out to learn more about me.
I work a full time job as a Medical Assistant , front desk receptionist. While actively running my business ABeauty Management LLC attending to my clients/customers 100%
Natural Skin and Hair Care Products | Hair Services

Growing up I loved to do my own hair so after getting a style (box braids) when they started to get old I would take out half of my hair and redo it. It motivated me to lean more into doing others hair because the outcome was always phenomenal. As I got older I learned about sew ins and I began to do my friends hair which increased my confidence in learning more styles and interacting with clients.

After receiving my Diploma in 2020 I began experiments for myself for my stubborn hair growth and acne I've been experiencing for years, I began by researching ways to improve my skin and hair. After gathering enough information I began mixing different natural oils and substances, which led to incredible results. It inspired me to share my craft with the world. I knew this was going to big!   I then went to college for Health in Allied Sciences and received my Associate Degree in the Medical Field.  Working with natural products inspired me to continue my journey in Natural Skin and Hair Care Products.

ABeauty Management LLC was Established in 2020 and is managed by Antonyia.
We offer Hair Services &  Health Care Products

Styledby.abarb(Services) -Box Braids| Faux Locs | Wig Services | Sew In Services | Ponytail | Natural Hair| Treatments| Open to all Styles

AB Silk Collection (Hair)- 100% High Quality Bundles | Laces | Glue less Wigs

Iceabeauty(Products)- Skin Serums | Hair Growth/Scalp Treatment Oils|
Exfoliating Scrubs | Eyelash/Brow Growth | Vitamins

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